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Ab Gach
Ab Gach is located in Afghanistan
Ab Gach
Ab Gach
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 36°31′N 68°43′E / 36.517°N 68.717°E / 36.517; 68.717Coordinates: 36°31′N 68°43′E / 36.517°N 68.717°E / 36.517; 68.717
Country  Afghanistan
Province Baghlan Province

Ab Kol is a village in Baghlan Province on the Kunduz River. Around the turn of the 20th century, it was said to contain about 80 houses, all of which were inhabited by Ghilzai. Recent maps no longer show the location however. The nearest approximation is Aq Qol, located at 36°13′N 68°30′E / 36.22°N 68.50°E / 36.22; 68.50.[1]

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