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Ab-ol-ghasem Ghavam-o-din Naser-ebn-e-ali Dargozini was a minister of Saljoughian dynasty in during the rule of Mahmou-ebn-e-Mohamad-ebn-e-Malekshah and Sultan Sanjar (1157-1186 A.D.).

He was from Dargozin, Hamadan. He was a generous, wealthy and wise man, who was also skilled in poetry. Sanaee and Emadi Ghaznavi have written in his favor. While in charge, his order was vastly authorized and accepted, while he was really harsh and rigid, and fearless in the matter of killing.

The execution of the Seljuk era

He would not hesitate in giving a verdict to people, even famous ones, and he would imprison them for the slightest excuse and order their execution. An example is the execution and skinning of Eyn-ol-ghozzat Hamedani in his own school, who was the foremost of religious authorities in his time, as a result of accusations.

Also, he kept Ezz-o-din Esfahani, who was close to Sultan Sanjar, in prison until he died there, because of his conflicts with him.

In the end he was removed of ministry, and he was killed in 1118 A.D. by the order of Toghrol.

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