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Abigail (Abbey) M. Fleck is an American inventor from St. Paul, Minnesota, noted for her 1993 invention, Makin' Bacon, a microwavable bacon cooking plate. The device, which she created at the age of 8, is an inch-deep, dual compartment tray made of microwave-safe plastic, containing three T-shaped beams protruding up from the center.[1] Abbey and her father Jonathan Fleck founded the A. de F. Ltd. company to manufacture the product, and in 1996 their "microwave cooking vessel" was granted a U.S. Patent.[2] Following a successful endorsement from Armour, Fleck embarked on promotional tour of her product, which included appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Late Night with David Letterman, and two features on Dateline NBC.[3]

Abbey is now married and lives in southern California.[citation needed]


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