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The Abbot of Clonmacnoise was the monastic head of Clonmacnoise. They also bore the title "Comarba of Saint Ciarán", "successor of Saint Ciarán". The following is a list of abbots:

List of abbots to 1539[edit]

Name Life Comments
Ciarán mac int Sair d. 9 September 544 or 548/9
Óenu moccu Loigse died 20 January 570
Mac Nisse died 13 June 585 or 591 The Annals of Ulster hesitate, suggesting both 585 ("in the 17th year of his abbacy") and 591 as possible dates. Both the Annals of the Four Masters (s.a. 589) and the Annals of Clonmacnoise say that he was abbot for 16 years.
Ailithir died 599
To Lua Foto (Lucaill) died 614
Columbán moccu Bairddéni (Columbanus filius Bairddaeni) died 628
Crónán moccu Loigde died 18 July 638
Áedlug mac Cammáin died 26 February 652
Báetán moccu Chormaic died 1 March 664
Colmán Cass mac Fualascaig died 665
Cumméne died 665
Colmán died 683
Forcrón died 686
Crónán Becc (Crón) died 6 April 694
Osséne Frémainne mac Galluist, deposed before 696/7, died 706
Faílbe Becc died 713
Cuindles died 724
Fland Fine ua Colla (Fland Cualann) died 733
Conmáel ua Lóchéni died 737
Cellach mac Ségdai died 740
Commán mac Fáelchon died 26 December 747
Luccreth (Lucraid) died 29 April 753
Cormac ua Cairbre Crom died 762
Rónán died 764
Ua Miannaig died 768
Folachtach died 770
Forbassach ua Cernaig died 771
Collbran died 776
Rechtnia (Rechtabrae) died 784
Snéidriagail died 786
Murgal died 789
Sóerbergg died 791
Ioseph ua Cernaig died 794
Anaile died 799
Tuathgal died 811
Foirchellach Fobair died 814
Suibne mac Cuanach died 816
Rónán resigned 823, died 844
Cétadach died 848
Condmach died 868
Martan of Clonmacnoise died 869
Ferdomnach of Clonmacnoise died 872
Eógan Topair died 876
Máel Tuili ua Cuanach died 877
Máel Pátraic died 885
Máel Brigte na Gamnaide died 892 The Annals of Inisfallen read sub anno 891 read "Mael Petair mac Cúán, took Cluain Ferta Brénainn", and in 895 "Repose of Mael Petair mac Cúán, abbot of Tír dá Glas and Cluain Ferta Brénainn."
Blathmac mac Tairchedaig died 896 The Annals of Inisfallen sub anno 896 read "The martyrdom of Mael Achid, abbot of Cluain Moccu Nois." Perhaps he replaced Blathmac (or vice versa) only to be subsequently killed in a raid on the monastery.
Dedimus ua Foirbthen deposed 901, died 923
Ioseph of Lough Con died 904
Aed mac Ailill died 916
Colmán mac Ailella died 926 In 922, "Tomrair son of Elgi, a Jarl of the foreigners, on Luimnech (the Lower Shannon), and he proceeded and plundered Inis Celtra and Muicinis, and burned Cluain Moccu Nóis; and he went on Loch Rí and plundered all its islands, and he ravaged Mide."
Máel Giric died 929
Tipraite mac Ainnséine died 931
Ainmere ua Cathla (ua Cathaláin) 948
Ferdomnach ua Máenaig died 952 The Annals of Inisfallen state, sub anno 951, that "A foray by Cellachán and by Donnchadh, and they plundered Cluain Ferta Brénainn and Cluain Moccu Nóis."
Célechair mac Robartaig died 954 Inisfallen says that he was also abbot of Cluain Iraird.
Cormac ua Cillín died 966
Tuathal died 971 Inisfallen gives his obit under 972.
Dúnchad ua Bráein resigned 976, died 16 January, 988/9
Máel Finnia mac Speláin (ua Máenaig) died 992
Ua Beculáin deposed 1002
Flannchad ua Ruaidíne (ua Ruadáin) died 1003
Flaithbertach mac Domnaill died 1014 Inisfallen states that Robartach the Anchorite, rested in Cluain Moccu Nois in 1007, during Flaithbertach's term.
Muiredach mac Mugróin died 1025
Bressal Conailech died 1030
Loingsech ua Flaithnén 1042
Echtigern Ua hEaghráin died 1052
Máel Finnéin mac Cuinn na mBocht died 1056
Ailill Ua hAirechtaig died 1070
Máel Ciaráin mac Cuinn na mBocht died 1079
Tigernach Ua Bráein died 1088 once held to be the author of the Annals of Tigernach (hence the name), but possibly one of the annalists responsible for the text; was also abbot of Roscommon.[1]
Ailill Ua Nialláin died 1093
Mac Raith Ua Flaithnén resigned 1096, died 1100
Cormac mac Cuinn na mBocht died 1103
Flaithbertach Ua Loingsig died 1109
Gilla Críst Ua Máel Eóin died 1127
Domnall Ua Dubthaig died 17 March 1136
Máel Mochta Ua Fidabra (Ua Máel Sechlainn) died 1173
Áed Ua Máel Eóin died 1153
Tigernach Ua Máel Eóin died 1172
Máel Ciaráin Ua Fidabra died 1181
Máel Muire Ua Máel Eóin died 1230
Máel Ciaráin Ó Máel Eóin died 1263
Tomás fl. 1268
Pol mac Teige Mac Teithechán died 1384
Niall Ó Sheridan fl. 14th century
Cahir Mac Cochláin died 1539.


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