Abd al-Hosayn Ayati

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Abd al Ḥosayn Ayati (1871—1953) was a Baha'i missionary, journalist, author and teacher. After conversion to the Baha'i Faith, he spend 18 years as missionary and met `Abdu'l-Bahá. He obtained the title of "Raʾīs-al-moballeḡīn" (chief of missionaries) but later he became one of the opponents of the Baha'i Faith and considered an Covenant-breaker among Baha'is. He returned to Tehran and spent the rest of his life as a secondary school teacher.[1]


  • Al-Kawākeb al-dorrīya fī maʾāṯer al-bahāʾīya: a major work on history of Baha'i Faith.[1]
  • Kašf al-ḥīal: his work in three volumes after conversion from Baha'i Faith.[1]