Abd al-Rahman al-Jadiri

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Abu Zayd Abd al-Rahman Mohammed al-Jadiri
Born 1375
Died 1416
Known for writing Raudat al-azhar fl 'ilm waqt al-lail wal-nahar, Tanbllt al-afliím 'ala mii ya

Abu Zayd Abd al-Rahman Mohammed al-Jadiri (born in Meknes, in 1375 and died in Fez, probably in 1416) was muwaqqit (time-keeper) at the Qarawiyyin Mosque.[1] He wrote a treatise on the determination of time of day and night, an urzija (verse composition) in 26 chapters and 335 verses, entitled Raudat al-azhar fl 'ilm waqt al-lail wal-nahar (1391/2) and a calendar adapted to the latitude of Fez Tanbllt al-afliím 'ala mii ya/:tduthu ji ayyiim al-'iim.[2][3]


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