Abdallah bin Muhammad bin Saud

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Abdallah bin Muhammad bin Saud Al Saud
Abdallah bin Muhammad bin Saud bin Muhammad
  • Saud
  • Zaid
  • Ibrahim
  • Turki
  • Muhammad
Noble family House of Saud
Father Muhammad bin Saud
Mother Mudhi bint Abu Watban[1]
Born 1725
Died 1812

Abdallah bin Muhammad bin Saud (1725–1812) born in Dar'iyyah, was the youngest son of the Amir Muhammad bin Saud bin Muhammad who is regarded as the founder of the First Saudi State. Leadership of the family passed from his older brother Abd al-Aziz, to a nephew and finally to two grandnephews before being reclaimed by Abdallah's descendants. Abdallah played a prominent part in the military campaigns of his father and brother, notably in the subjugation of the provinces of Sudair, Washm and al-Kharj[citation needed]. His main claim to fame, however, is that he was the father of Turki, founder of the Second Saudi State[2] from whom all subsequent Heads of the House of Saud trace their descent.


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