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Abdellatif Zeroual (born 1951, Berrechid, Morocco, died on 14 November 1974, at "Derb Moulay Chérif" in Casablanca) was a philosophy teacher and member of the national committee of the "Ila Al Amame" movement. [1]

Abdellatif was the son of Haj Abdelkader Zeroual, a militant who fought the French before Morocco became independent.

In 1970, when the Moroccan authorities launched a crackdown on the Ila al-Aman movement, he went into hiding with Abraham Serfaty and was protected by Christine Daure-Serfaty. In 1973 he was sentenced to death in absentia by a Casabalanca court. On 5 November 1974 he disappeared after being snatched by a group of plain-clothed men while on his way to a meeting. [2] A week later a body was registered at a hospital in Rabat, which human rights organisations claim to be his, although the Moroccan authorities have never confirmed this. [3]

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