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Hajji Dubin Abdulla İbrahim ulı ([ˈdubin ʌbduˈlɑ ibrɑˌhimuˈlɯ], Tatar Cyrillic: Дубин Абдулла Ибраһим улы; Russian: Ду́бин Абдулла́ Ибраги́мович, Dubin Abdulla Ibragimovich; born March 26, 1941) was a Tatar television and radio newsreader, and currently he is an ethnographer.

Born on March 26, 1941, in Astrakhan in a large family.

Dubin graduated the faculty of theatrics of the GITIS in Moscow. Later he moved to Kazan and was a top-level news reader of Tatar television and radio broadcasting from 1961 to 1981.

Abdulla Dubin is also known as a journalist and as an historical postcards collector. He published some of his collection in original booklets in color and black-and-white, devoted to Kazan, Astrakhan, Chistopol and Elabuga.[1]

Dubin studies regional ethnography from 1968, fights for preservation of tumbledown historical buildings in Kazan.

In 1990 he committed the Hajj.


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