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Abdurehim Tileshüp Ötkür (Uyghur: ئابدۇرېھىم تىلەشۈپ ئۆتكۈر‎‎; 1923 - 5 October 1995) was a popular Uyghur author and poet.

Ötkür was born in Kumul, Xinjiang. He graduated from Xinjiang University in 1942. He then worked as the editor of the newspaper Altay Geziti till 1949. From 1949 till 1980 he worked as an interpreter in various governmental offices—as he knew Uyghur, Chinese, Russian and English all well.

From 1980 to his death Ötkür worked as a scholar in the Institute of Literature Studies of the Academy of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Xinjiang. In 1988 was appointed as a Vice Chairman of the Society of Kutadgu Bilig Studies.


Ötkür first published his poems in 1940. The poems "Tarim Boyliri" (Along Tarim) and "Yürek Mungliri" (Melodies of the heart) were very popular. His last novels, "Iz" (The Track) and "Oyghanghan Zimin" (The Awakened Land), became some of the most popular novels among Uyghur people for their social and historical significance.

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