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Abdussalam Puthige (A.S. Puthige)
ASP (2).jpg
Born 2 April 1964
Ganjimutt, Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka
Occupation Writer, journalist
Language English, Kannada, Urdu, Beary,
Nationality India
Ethnicity Beary
Citizenship Indian
Alma mater SDM Law College, Mangalore
Genre Present
Notable works

Towards Performing Da'wah[1] Kannada Translation of the holy Quran,[2]

English Translation of Allama Iqbal's Shikwa & Jawab Shikwa(ISBN 9789670957005)
Notable awards Transparency International Award 2009
Children 4 (1 son and 3 daughters)

Abdussalam Puthige is the Editor-in-Chief of Varthabharathi,[3] a Kannada daily Newspaper, published from Mangalore[4] the coastal city of Karnataka and Bangalore,[5] the state capital. The first issue of Vartha Bharathi hit the stands on 29 August 2003 from Mangalore.[6] The Bangalore edition was launched later, on 29 August 2006.

Born in 1964 in Ganjimutt, a small village of Dakshina Kannada district where his father Maulana Muhammed Shafi, a theologian was working as Imam of a Masjid. He went to school in Bailur, Adi-Udupi and Udupi. He completed his graduation under ICE, University of Madras and later pursued studies in Law at SDM law College, Mangalore. In the meantime he chose journalism as his profession and began his career as a sub editor in a Kannada weekly magazine in Mangalore. He studied Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Islamic theology and Muslim History under his father Maulana Shafi Saheb and later under Moulana Sayyed Yunus Saheb.

During his career as a journalist, apart from reporting and writing his own articles, he translated many Urdu and English books into Kannada language. He was one of the members of the committee that edited the Kannada translation of Urdu work 'Thalkhees Thafheemul Quran' titled 'Qur'an Vyakhyana'. He has authored a few books in Kannada and English. His most famous English work, Towards Performing Da'wah,[7] was published in UK by The International Council for Islamic Information (ICII), Leicester.[8][9][10]

In 1996, Mr. Puthige along with his associate Mr. Yaseen Malpe, launched Madhyama Kendra (Media Center), Bangalore, which is a well known institution in the State today. Its principal objective is to educate the masses on Media, Mass communication and related topics. He is the director of Institute of Media Studies, Bangalore that has conducted several studies on the prevailing trends, bias and prejudices in the mainstream Media, focusing particularly on the misrepresentation, under representation and negative stereotyping of various communities in the regional Kannada Media.

He was inspired by Vaddarse Raghuram Shetty, who, in September 1984, had launched a short lived Kannada Daily newspaper Mungaru that had employed and trained a considerable number of journalists from Backward castes, Dalits and Minorities, in contrast to most other newspapers in the state that were, and still remain, heavily dominated by the upper castes. Mungaru sought to focus on news and stories related to these marginalised communities. Puthige has dealt with this subject in a widely published interview titled 'The Muslim Kannadiga' by scholar and researcherYoginder Sikand.[11][12]

Release of "Shikwa And Jawaab Shikwa", translated to English by Mr. Abdussalam Puthige, In UAE

'Kannadadalli Qur'an Anuvada' is his most celebrated work so far. It is his own translation of the entire Holy Qur'an in Kannada language, with brief notes. Its first edition was released on 1 September 2012 by Rajarshi Dr.Virendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Shree Kshetra, Dharmastala. This work has already seen 4 Editions. Its third Edition was published in Dubai by the Department of Islamic Affairs, Government of Dubai, UAE. The releasing ceremony in Dubai was inaugurated by Mr. MK Lokesh, Ambassador of India in UAE. This lucid translation of Quran is available online.[13] The same is also available as an android application the Google play for free with the title 'Quran in Kannada' .[14]

Puthige has served as Chief resource person in dozens of Media workshop both in India and abroad. He is known for his proficiency in languages such as Kannada, Urdu, English, Hindi, Beary and Tulu. He can communicate in Malayalam, Tamil and Nawayat languages. Asked about Arabic and Persian, he says he is a serious student of both these languages.

He was awarded the prestigious Transparency International Award in 2009 for upholding the basic values of journalism and spreading truth through Vartha Bharathi Kannada daily.

Mr. Puthige is an extensive traveler. He has visited different locations in India under various pretexts such as delivering talks, TV programs, conducting workshops, addressing seminars and participating in relief activities. Besides, he has toured a few foreign countries such as UK, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Azerbaijan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. The topics he deals with include The Qur'an, the message of Prophet Muhammed(S), Muslim history, Interfaith relationship, Sufism, Conflict resolution, Equitable distribution of global resources, Empowerment of minorities in India, Privileges and responsibilities of the Media, Image management, Human rights, Social Justice, Advocacy for equity, Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Rumi, Hafiz etc.

Mr. Puthige, a motorbike enthusiast, often goes on long country side rides on his favorite Royal Enfield Motorbike. He is fond of Bike racing, swimming and martial arts. He lives in a farm house in Kana, near Moodbidri along with his parents, wife and children. He has a Son and three daughters.

  • He is the Managing Trustee of The Community Media Trust, Mangalore.
  • Managing Director of Maadhyama Communications Ltd, Mangalore.
  • Managing director of Samvahana Campaigns Pvt.Ltd.
  • Trustee in Bangalore Friday Forum (BFF), Bangalore.
  • A board Member in Center for Community Development (CCD) in Bangalore.
  • Chief Adviser to Talent Research Foundation, Mangalore.
  • Member of the Press Club, Bangalore.


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