Open from 18 to 24

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Open from 18 to 24
Screen-capture of film
Directed by Víctor Dínenzon
Produced by Claudia Cohen
Written by Víctor Dínenzon
Starring Gerardo Romano, Horacio Peña
Music by Emilio Kauderer
Cinematography Hugo Colace
Edited by Juan Carlos Macías
Release date
June 2, 1988
Running time
88 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Open from 18 to 24 (Spanish: Abierto de 18 a 24) is a 1988 Argentine drama film directed and written by Víctor Dínenzon.[1]

The picture stars Gerardo Romano and Horacio Peña, and others.


From six until midnight, a tango class is led by Carla, who just lost the love of her life, Vincente.

The mostly middle-aged, middle-class students attend the class for a variety of reasons, but for the most part they enjoy the sensual romanticism of the tango's dance movements and music.

When Vincente's handsome nephew shows up from the countryside, passions grow more heated, and closeted jealousies and rivalries of the students become unscaled. At the film's end, the leader Carla reveals a surprising fact about herself.


  • Gerardo Romano
  • Horacio Peña
  • Bernardo Baras
  • Néstor Francisco
  • Zulma Grey
  • Chris La Valle
  • Jorge Luz
  • Jorge Abel Martín
  • Silvia Peyrou
  • Aldo Piccione
  • Omar Pini
  • Carmen Renard
  • Nora Sajaroff
  • Cora Sanchez
  • Carlos Santamaría
  • Eduardo Santoro
  • Néstor Zacco


The film was released on 2 June 1988.


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