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Abigail Good (born 1971[1]) is an English runway model and an actress.

Good was born in Leicester, raised in Singapore, returned to England as a teenager, and went to school in Bromsgrove. After modeling for some ten years, she was selected by Stanley Kubrick to play the small but important role of the "Mysterious Woman" in his 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut.[1]

The role of the Mysterious Woman appeared to be combined in some fashion with that of Mandy (portrayed by Julienne Davis), a prostitute with whom the Cruise character has a brief connection. The apparent doubling led to confusion and some controversy.[1][2][3]

Good also appeared as Tabatha in Randall's Flat[4] cast as a forthright, manipulative woman with striking good looks, and another role as a "mysterious blonde" in the 2002 film Butterfly Man.[5]

She is the mother of Jemima, the epic magazine model and Ellis.

She is a world renowned photographer and an award-winning writer.



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