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Abraham Rhinewine

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Abraham Rhinewine c. 1930

Abraham Rhinewine (1887-1932)[1][2][3] was a Polish-born, Canadian-Jewish editor, publisher and author, among the most prominent Jewish journalists in Canada during his time.[4] He was raised as an Orthodox Jew in Mezhirech (Miedzyrzec), Poland and trained to be a rabbi, but at the age of 15, he became a socialist and, apparently after attempting to unionize his father's factory, was sent to England to continue his secular education.[2] He later settled in North America, where he was to work briefly and unsuccessfully in the millinery industry in New York City.[2] He then settled in Toronto where he began his brief career as a journalist and scholar. He is the author of several books in Yiddish as well as English, as well as many journalistic articles in these languages, and was publisher and editor-in-chief of the Hebrew Journal (Der Yidisher Zshurnal),[5] a key Jewish newspaper in Toronto. Although he did not possess an advanced degree apart from a rabbinical certification from Poland and coursework from McMaster University (at that time in Toronto),[2] he taught courses in Judaism at the University of Toronto and was well regarded as a secular scholar. He was politically active as a Jew and passionately advocated the Zionist cause for a Jewish state in Palestine. Following an unfortunate ouster from his position at the newspaper,[2] he died May 19, 1932,[3] at age 44, of complications from diabetes.[2]


English-language books:

  • "Looking Back a Century: on the Centennial of Jewish Political Equality in Canada" revised and enlarged by Isidore Goldstick, Kraft Press, Toronto 1932

Yiddish-language books:

  • "Yidishe Shrayber in Kanade [Jewish Writers in Canada]", publisher unknown, 1920
  • "Erets Yisroel in Yidishen Leben un Literatur [The Land of Israel in Jewish Life and Literature]", Farlag Kanada, Toronto 1921
  • "Kanade--ihr Geshikhte un Entviklung [Canada--its History and Development]", Kanade, Toronto 1923
  • "Der Yid in Kanada: fun der frantzoyzisher periyode biz der moderner tzayt. [The Jew in Canada]", Farlag Kanada, Toronto 1925


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