Abraham of Bulgaria

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Saint Abraham of Bulgaria
Св. муч. Авраамий Болгарский (современная икона).jpg
Saint Abraham of Bulgaria
Died January 4, 1229(1229-01-04)
Venerated in Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast March 6

Abraham of Bulgaria (Russian: Авраамий Болгарский; died April 1, 1229) was a Christian convert from Islam later made a martyr and saint of the Russian Orthodox Church.

He was born in Volga Bulgaria, amongst the Muslim Volga Bulgars in what is now Tatarstan, Russia. He grew to become an Islamic merchant, and was later converted to Christianity. He was killed by his compatriots for his conversion circa 1229. His relics are venerated at Vladimir on the Klyazma.

His feast day is celebrated on March 6, and the translation of relics is also commemorated on April 1.


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