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Abram Ilich Yampolsky ( (Russian: Абрам Ильич Ямпольский; 1890–1956) was an eminent Soviet violin teacher who nurtured many Russian virtuosos during his tenure at the Moscow Conservatory.

He graduated in Petersburg in 1913 in the class of Sergej Korguyev, a pupil and assistant of Leopold Auer, and was to be one of the founders of the Russian and American 20th century violin schools.

His pupils include Leonid Kogan, Julian Sitkovetsky, Igor Bezrodniy, Yakov Boroditsky, Boris Goldstein, Elizabeth Gilels, Mikhail Fikhtengoltz, Yakov Rabinovich, Isaac Zhuk, Mark Lubotsky. He was the uncle of Izrail Markovich Yampolsky (Kiev, 1905–76 ) who graduated with him in 1930. He also taught Yuri Yankelevich.[1] See: List of music students by teacher: T to Z#Abram Yampolsky.


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