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Abrar Hasan (Urdu: ابرار حسن‎) is a prominent lawyer and a constitutional expert based in Karachi, Pakistan. His law firm, Abrar Hasan and Company, has been in business since 1962. Abrar Hasan often appears on TV as an expert on constitution, political history of Pakistan, and balance of power between governmental institutions.

Education and Career[edit]

Born in July, 1935 Abrar Hasan got his bachelor's degree in law from University of Karachi. Much later in his career he got a Juris Doctor degree from Georgia State University. He has been appointed as an arbitrator by the International Court of Settlement in Belgium.[1] Abrar Hasan has taught law at Pakistani law colleges and was Principal of Islamia Law College, Karachi, 1997-1998.

Published Work[edit]

Abrar Hasan has written several books on constitutional matters, and intent and interpretation of law. A few of his books are part of law curriculum in Pakistan.


Pakistan Academy of Jurists, a non-profit organization he founded arranges meetings and seminars to educate people on Pakistani law and the international charter of human rights. Abrar Hasan has been part of Pakistani delegations to attend human rights conferences held in SAARC countries.

Bar Association Politics[edit]

Abrar Hasan has been active in the politics of local and national bar associations. He was elected Vice President of Karachi Bar Association (1973–1974), President Karachi Bar Association (1979–1980), Vice Chairman of Sindh Bar Council (1984), Member Executive Committee of Supreme Court Bar Association (1993–1995), and President of Sindh High Court Bar Association (2006–2007).

Fatima Jinnah with Muslim League workers. Abrar Hasan is sitting in front.
Benazir Bhutto visiting the Karachi Bar Association, circa 1979. Abrar Hasan welcoming her.

State of Emergency[edit]

In the wake of the state of Emergency imposed by Pervez Musharraf, Abrar Hasan was arrested on 4 November [2] along with 1,500 opposition leaders including lawyers and journalists,[3] whilst in custody he was denied meeting with his family.[4] He was released from Karachi Central Jail on 19 November 2007.[5]

On 12 May 2007 riots erupted in Karachi before the suspended chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was able to make a speech to the Sindh High Court. In the aftermath of the riots Abrar Hasan, who was also the Sindh High Court Bar Association President, held meetings with Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad Khan.[6][7]


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