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Roman ruins at Abritus
Roman ruins at Abritus

Coordinates: 43°31′16″N 26°33′06″E / 43.52111°N 26.55167°E / 43.52111; 26.55167 Abritus (Abrittus) was a late Roman city near the site of the modern city of Razgrad. Abritus was established at the end of the 1st century AD as a Roman military camp built on the ruins of an ancient Thracian settlement and grew to become one of the biggest urban centres in Moesia Inferior.

In 251 it was the site of the defeat and slaying of Decius at the Battle of Abrittus. It was destroyed by the Avars in the 6th century. Later a Bulgarian medieval settlement was built, which existed until the 10th century.

Archaeological excavations have been conducted at the discovered site of Abritus since 1953.


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