Academy Park High School

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Academy Park High School
Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania
United States
School type Public, Secondary
Established Fall 1982
School district Southeast Delco School District
Principal Mr. Nate Robinson
Enrollment 1,250 in 2010
 • Other Declining to 1230 in 2019[1]
Color(s) Blue and Silver          

Academy Park High School is a four-year public high school in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania. It is currently the only high school in the Southeast Delco School District.

Academy Park High School was formed in the fall of 1982; however, the current Academy Park building did not open until the fall of 1984. In the interim, the old Collingdale and Sharon Hill high schools were used as an east and west campus for the new school. The former Darby Township High School was converted into Ashland Middle School. Portions of the old Collingdale High School still stand, serving as the town’s borough hall and a municipal court, while the old Sharon Hill High School was demolished. Though the building is gone, the school’s former football field serves as home to the Academy Park Knights

Academy Park’s first principal, Agnes M. Paterson, was an active supporter of the school’s activities and students. She died unexpectedly in the spring of 1987 after attending a performance of the school district’s annual spring musical. The school’s auditorium has been named in her honor.

Academy Park High School has drawn criticism due to having low PSSA scores and have joined in the benchmark testing to help improve these scores. There has been much criticism of the school board's running of the district.

Academic achievement[edit]

In 2009, the high school is in Corrective Action II 3rd Year due to chronically low academic achievement and a low graduation rate. In 2011, the school made Adequate Yearly progress, placing its status into "Making Progress",in its first year under Dr. Small. That achievement was not repeated after that year however and, as of 2014, the School Performance Profile score for Academy Park was 52.5, placing it in the 'Not Making Satisfactory Progress' designation.

Graduation rate[edit]

2009 - 78%, Males - 71%, Females - 85%[2]
2008 - 81%
2007 - 81%[3]

PSSA Results

11th Grade Reading[edit]

2009 - 35% on grade level. In Pennsylvania, 65% of 11th graders on grade level.
2008 - 36%, State - 65%
2007 - 45%, State - 65%[4]

11th Grade Math[edit]

2009 - 34% on grade level. In Pennsylvania, 56% of 11th graders are on grade level.[5]
2008 - 34%, State - 56%
2007 - 30%, State - 53%

11th Grade Science[edit]

2009 - 10% on grade level. State: 40% of 11th graders were on grade level.
2008 - 10% [6]

College Remediation[edit]

According to a Pennsylvania Department of Education study released in January 2009, 47% of Academy Park High School graduates required remediation in mathematics and or reading before they were prepared to take college level courses in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education or community colleges.[7] Less than 66% of Pennsylvania high school graduates, who enroll in a four-year college in Pennsylvania, will earn a bachelor's degree within six years. Among Pennsylvania high school graduates pursuing an associate degree, only one in three graduate in three years.[8] Per the Pennsylvania Department of Education, one in three recent high school graduates who attend Pennsylvania's public universities and community colleges takes at least one remedial course in math, reading or English.

Graduation project[edit]

By law, all Pennsylvania secondary school students must complete a project as a part of their eligibility to graduate from high school. The type of project, its rigor and its expectations are set by the individual school district.[9]

Dual enrollment[edit]

The high school offers a dual enrollment program. This state program permits high school students to take courses, at local higher education institutions, to earn college credits. Students remain enrolled at their high school. The courses count towards high school graduation requirements and towards earning a college degree. The students continue to have full access to activities and programs at their high school. The college credits are offered at a deeply discounted rate. The state offers a small grant to assist students in costs for tuition, fees and books.[10] Under the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Agreement, many Pennsylvania colleges and universities accept these credits for students who transfer to their institutions.[11]

For the 2009–10 funding year, the school district received a state grant of $2,199 for the program.


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