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The Ace was a British car that was built between 1912 and 1916 in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. It was an 8 hp light car, with a 748 cc, four-cylinder water-cooled monobloc engine with Stethnos carburettor, it had a 2-speed gearbox and chain-drive built by the same manufacturer as the Salmon and Baguley cars, and sold for £100 to £125. Data: 56 mm (2.2 in) x 76 mm (3.0 in) bore and stroke, kerb weight 380 kg (838 lb), wheelbase 2,135 mm (84.1 in), track 1,143 mm (45.0 in), length 3,200 mm (126.0 in), and width 1,270 mm (50.0 in). Suspension was by ½-elliptic springs front and rear. Tyre size 700 x 65.

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