Acer Studios

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Acer Studios
Industry Music Recording & Entertainment
Genre Instrumental, dance, funk, rock, pop
Founded 2002
Headquarters Hazel Grove, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Key people
Tim Scott
Products Music
Owner Tim Scott
Subsidiaries Acer Records

Acer Studios is the personal project studio of the recording artist Tim Scott, located in Hazel Grove, Greater Manchester, England. It was established in November 2002.

Initially set up for the recording and release of Tim Scott's debut album Bald on the Inside in 2003, and as a front to administer the publishing and distribution rights of Tim Scott's solo compositions.[1][2][3]

The favourable U.K. Guitar press reviews of Bald on the Inside gave opportunity for Tim to work alongside BBC Radio 1 DJ Judge Jules on the track "Puesta Del Sol" for Judge Jules debut artist album Proven Worldwide. While the initial idea was recorded at Jules studio in London the final guitar tracks were subsequently re-recorded at Acer Studios.[4][5]

The studio and the label interests were separated when the label name was changed to Acer Records in order to separate the label and the underlying core company in 2008 by the release of Tim Scott's second album Guitar Mashing.[6][7]

Recording Discography[edit]

Studio Albums[edit]

Year Type Album Info
2003 CD/Download Bald On The Inside
2008 CD/Download Guitar Mashing
2011 Download Ibiza Mayhem 2012
2013 Download Retrospective Guitar Mashing
2013 Download Guitar Mashing Decade


Year Type EP Info
2011 Download Ibiza Mayhem
2012 Download Magnesium Black


Year Type Single Info
2009 Download 4:AM
2009 Download Angel Dust
2009 CD/Download Amy Jane
2010 Download Cosmic Ignition
2010 Download Cataclysmic Pink
2011 Download One Life
2011 Download Rio Gold Dust
2011 Download Dirty Mule
2012 Download Rok1
2012 Download Jelly Skeletons
2012 Download Skye Surfing
2012 Download I Found Love
2013 Download Fly Away [feat. Ruthybabez]
2013 Download I Don't Wanna Be
2013 Download Harmonic Elevator

Acer Studios Collaborative Recording Discography[edit]

Studio Albums[edit]

Year Type Album Artist Track Info
2006 CD/Download Proven Worldwide Judge Jules "Puesta Del Sol" (Track 6) - features a Flamenco Guitar melody written and played by Tim Scott - recorded at Acer Studios allmusic "Proven Worldwide"
2009 CD/Download Bring The Noise Judge Jules "City Rockers (Marcus Twiddle Edit)" (Track 8) - features the guitar melody from "Ibiza's Secret Garden" - (Track 2) on Tim Scott's Guitar Mashing album


Year Type Single Artist Track Info
2006 CD/Download Grace of God One Hit Wonders "Serial Diva Remix" (Track 5) - features a rolling bass line written played and recorded by Tim Scott at Acer Studios Discogs "Grace Of God"


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