Acheson (surname)

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Family name
Meaning Adam ("red earth")
Region of origin England, Scotland, Ulster
Language(s) of origin Anglo-Scottish, Norman
Related names Atkinson, Aitchison, Aicheson, and Aitcheson, Adcock, Atcock
Footnotes: Frequency Comparisons[1]

Acheson is a surname of Anglo-Scots origin with Norman antecedents.ache is gaelic form of ayres :ayr: meaning sword. acheson are the sons of the sword for the Scottish crown. Some say it derives from the pet name Atkin, which is a diminutive of Adam.

In Scotland the name is more usually rendered as Acheson, while it is more usually found rendered as Atkinson in England, where it is particularly common in the north. In Ireland the name is common only in Ulster and particularly in counties Antrim and Down. A different spelling emerged in Canada, as Atcheson. Some Atkinsons are descended from Planters, although the name was recorded in Ireland before that period.[2]

Acheson is a variation of the name in Scotland and the Border region, having been originally spelled Atzinson (with the 'z' being pronounced as 'y', as in yet).[2]



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