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Achille C. Varzi
Achille Varzi - Trento 2013.JPG
Alma materUniversity of Toronto
University of Trento
Scientific career
Fieldsphilosophical logic, metaphysics
InstitutionsColumbia University

Achille C. Varzi (born May 8, 1958, Galliate) is an Italian-born philosopher. He graduated at University of Trento and received a masters and doctoral degree at the University of Toronto. He teaches at Columbia University, where he has been a member of the philosophy faculty since 1995.[1]

Varzi has made notable contributions to the fields of philosophical logic (mainly vagueness, supervaluationism, paraconsistency, formal semantics) and metaphysics (mainly mereology and mereotopology, causation, events, and issues relating to identity and persistence through time). His first book, Holes and Other Superficialities (1994, with Roberto Casati), was an exploration of the realist ontology of common sense and naive physics. His more recent work is inspired by a nominalist-conventionalist stance.

Varzi is currently an editor of The Journal of Philosophy and an advisory editor of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Varzi is also a prolific writer for the general public and contributes regularly to several Italian newspapers.

Achille C. Varzi is a second cousin of the Italian racecar driver Achille Varzi.


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