Achim Leistner

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Achim Leistner
Silicon sphere for Avogadro project.jpg
Achim Leistner at the Australian Centre for Precision Optics, holding a 1 kg, single-crystal silicon sphere for the Avogadro project.
Born20th century
Known forAvogadro project
Scientific career

Achim Leistner is an Australian optician of German origin.[1] During his retirement, he was asked to join the Avogadro project to craft a silicon sphere with high smoothness, as automated machining does not match his precision.[2]

In addition to precision instruments, Leistner uses his hands to feel for irregularities in the roundness of the sphere.[1] The research team has called his extraordinary sense of touch "atomic feeling".[3]

Leistner holds certificates in precision optics, geometrical optics, optical design drawing, and mathematics from Optic Carl Zeiss Jena Technical College. He has served as a member of the Australian Optical Society and on international conference working committees for SPIE and the Optical Society of America.[citation needed]

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