Battle of Fladstrand

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Battle of Fladstrand
Part of the Great Northern War
Date 11 April 1712
Location Near Fladestrand, Jylland, Denmark
Result Inconclusive
Naval Ensign of Sweden.svg Swedish Empire Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark-Norway
Commanders and leaders
Karl Georg Sjöblad Hans Knoff
7 ships with 330 guns 5 ships with 158 guns
Casualties and losses
unknown 44 dead

This inconclusive battle which took place on 11 April 1712 near Fladestrand, Jylland, between Swedish and Danish forces. It was part of the Great Northern War.

The Swedish fleet, under Sjöblad, consisted of 7 ships with 330 guns, and the Danish fleet, under Knoff, consisted of 5 ships with 158 guns. The battle lasted about 2 hours. Denmark suffered 44 casualties.

Ships involved[edit]

Sweden (Sjöblad)[edit]

Fredrika 52
Kalmar 46
Stettin 46
Elfsborg 42
Warberg 42/52
Charlotte 38
Stenbock 36

Denmark (Knoff)[edit]

Fyen 52
Raae 30
Soridder 28
Leopard 24
Loss 24