Battle of Sokolki

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Battle of Sokolka
Part of the Great Northern War
Date April 12, 1709 (O.S.)
April 13, 1709 (Swedish calendar)
April 23, 1709 (N.S.)[1]
Location Sokolka ru:Левобережная_Соколка_(Кобелякский_район) at the Vorskla River, Ukraine
Result Swedish strategic failure, main part of the Russian army managed to escape
Naval Ensign of Sweden.svg Swedish Empire Russia Tsardom of Russia
Commanders and leaders
Carl Gustaf Kruse Karl Evald von Rönne
2,730 Swedish regulars[1]
3,500 Cossacks
3,000 dragoons
2,000 Cossacks[2]
Casualties and losses

290 Swedes (Swedish report)

800 Swedes and Cossacks, 4 artillery pieces (Russian claim)[3]

about 50 (according to von Rönne)[4]
up to 60 (according to a letter by Alexander Menshikov)[5]

400 killed, 1000 wounded (Swedish claim)[1]

The Battle of Sokolka took place on April 23, 1709, near the town of Poltava, Ukraine, during the ninth year of the Great Northern War. The Swedish army of close to 3,000 cavalry under the command of Carl Gustaf Kruse and 3,500 Cossacks of Kost Gordiyenko and Ivan Mazepa launched a surprise attack on a Russian camp of about 3,000 cavalrymen and 2,000 Cossacks under Karl Evald von Rönne. Although encamped and taken by surprise, the Russians were immediately alerted and successfully counterattacked, cutting their way through the enemy forces, and eventually escaped, having captured 4 guns left behind by the fleeing Zaporozhian Cossacks and a number of prisoners.[6] The battle was fought in fog, both sides claimed victory.[7] It was one of the encounters shortly before the decisive battle of Poltava which would seriously cripple the Swedish chances of victory in the war.[1]


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