Ad Pannonios (castra)

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Ad Pannonios
Ad Pannonios (castra) is located in Romania
Ad Pannonios (castra)
Location within Romania
Alternative name(s) Panonin
Known also as Castra of Teregova
Attested by Tabula Peutingeriana
Place in the Roman world
Province Dacia
Administrative unit Dacia Apulensis
Administrative unit Dacia Superior
Directly connected to PraetoriumTibiscum
— Stone [1] structure —
Size and area 120 m x 120 m (1.4 [1] ha)
— Wood and earth structure —
Stationed military units
Coordinates 45°10′07″N 22°18′25″E / 45.16861°N 22.30683°E / 45.16861; 22.30683
Altitude 375 m (1,230 ft)
Place name La luncă / La hideg
Town Teregova
County Caraș-Severin
Country  Romania
RO-RAN 52730.08
Site notes
Condition Ruined

Ad Pannonios was a fort in the Roman province of Dacia.

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Coordinates: 45°10′07″N 22°18′25″E / 45.16861°N 22.30694°E / 45.16861; 22.30694