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Adam Lovell
Adam Lovell.jpg
Nationality American
Occupation Founder & Owner
Years active 2000–present

Adam Lovell (born September 25, 1977) is the founder and owner of[1][2][3] He has been featured on 20/20,[4] FoxNews, E! True Hollywood Story,[5] CNN,[6] and many other media outlets. Lovell is an advocate for prisoners' rights and families of prisoners. The entrepreneur emphasizes reducing recidivism through letter writing and regularly works with various states' Department of Corrections toward this goal. He has expanded the site beyond letter-writing to include self-help guides[7] for inmates to improve their lives and sometimes writes articles offering suggestions for ex-offenders looking for work.[8] He is the author of's SELF-HELP GUIDE FOR INMATES: Flourishing Through Adversity.[9]

Lovell was born in Pennsylvania in 1977. He has resided in Florida since 1986. Lovell is a former ocean lifeguard and emergency medical technician with the Volusia County Beach Patrol.[10] His work with inmates inspired GoDaddy owner Bob Parsons to interview Lovell[11] for GoDaddy Radio's first anniversary show, citing the widespread influence has had with inmates and their families. His work has been reported in a wide range of media sources. Because of its unique access to inmates, his website is often utilized by media when discussing a broad spectrum of justice system stories. For example, Business Insider launched its legal section using stories garnered through[12]

Lovell maintains a blog on to personally address specific topics. His launching of was described in the Mensa International Research Journal as an example of giftedness in the workplace for his unique approach to reducing recidivism in the United States.[13]


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