Adam of Ebrach

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Adam of Ebrach (late 11th century – 23 November 1161) was the first abbot of Ebrach Abbey in the area of Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany.


Adam, originating from the parish of Cologne, is first recorded when entering the Cistercian monastery of Morimond Abbey in Burgundy. In 1126/7, he led twelve monks to Franconia to settle the monastery of Ebrach, newly founded by a local Frankish noble named Berno.

Adam seems to have led the monastery with great success, so that a number of related monasteries were founded with his influence in Franconia, Styria and Lower Bavaria. Being close friends with Bernard of Clairvaux, he also had a major role in the mobilisation for the Second Crusade. He was generally well received at the court of Konrad III, by the pope and by Emperor Friedrich I. The latter added him to his first delegation to Pope Eugenius III, referring to him as the man of my trust, in ecclesiastic and worldly things.

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