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Adammjee Group
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1947
Founder Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood[1]
Headquarters Karachi, Pakistan
Website Adamjee Group

Adamjee Group is a conglomerate based primarily in Pakistan. The group was founded by Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood.[1] As of 2007, it is unofficially estimated that the owners of Adamjee Group are among the top 40 wealthiest families of Pakistan.[2]

The company has had changing fortunes over the past 50 years, initially originating as a jute and banking conglomerate, later spreading to other industries such as tea, textiles, matches, sugar, paper board, chemicals, engineering and insurance.[3]

Many of Adamjee Group companies are publicly traded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange shown below:

Enterprises under the umbrella of the group are :

  • Adamjee Engineering Limited
  • Chempro Pakistan Limited
  • Adamjee Polymers Limited
  • Adamjee Durabuilt Limited
  • Adamjee Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Pacific Multi Products Limited
  • Adamjee Diesel Engineering (Pakistan) Limited
  • Adamjee Insurance Limited[4]
  • Adamjee Foundation
  • Adamjee Automotive Limited


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