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Adi Dick (born 5 January 1978 in Wellington, New Zealand) is a singer/songwriter/producer who has been involved in many projects within the New Zealand music scene in the past 6 years.[1]

For the past 5 years, Dick was involved in a Roots/Blues trio called the Seven Suns (Formerly known as Stylus77) and released a mini album under the name Stylus 77 in 2003 on Capital Recordings. More recently Adi Dick was involved in Barnaby Weir's (Black Seeds) musical collaboration band Fly My Pretties, featuring on the 2005 album, Return of Fly My Pretties. Here he played two songs; 'Get Out' and 'Foresight.' Dick also accompanied Fly My Pretties on their sold out New Zealand tour in July 2006.

In November 2005 Adi Dick was chosen from 2,000 applicants to attend the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle, U.S.[citation needed] Here he collaborated for two weeks with 59 other musicians, producers, singers, MC's, DJ's from around the world. Before his excursion to Seattle, Adi Dick released his first solo EP, "Noise In Your Stereo." Recorded in his bedroom and released on his own label 'First Take Records,' it is inspired by his love for jazz, hip hop, blues and soul.[citation needed]

Adi Dick also founded the band "Sons of Puha," featuring Adi on MPC, guitar and vocals, Doughboy Johnson on bass and Lisa Preston on vocals.

On 1 May 2007, Adi Dick released his debut album "Our Place," featuring a new version of "Get Out" which he wrote and performed in Fly My Pretties.


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