Adieu Blaireau

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Adieu Blaireau
Theatrical Poster
Directed by Bob Decout
Written by Bob Decout
Starring Philippe Léotard
Annie Girardot
Juliette Binoche
Music by Adrien Nataf
Cinematography Serge Halsdorf
Edited by Sophie Bhaud
Distributed by A&M Films
Release date
30 April 1985
Running time
120 minutes
Country France
Language French

Adieu Blaireau (Farewell Blaireau) is a 1985 film directed by Bob Decout.

The picture stars Philippe Léotard, Annie Girardot and Juliette Binoche and premiered at the 1985 Cognac Festival du Film Policier.



The song "Mama", sung by the French singer Janet, known for the 1972 song "Bénie Soit La Pluie" / "Le Chocolat", was released as a single in 1985.


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