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Adler & Allan
Industry Environmental services
Founded 1926
Headquarters Harrogate, United Kingdom
Key people
Nick Horler (Chairman), Mark Calvert (CEO) Ian Osborne (Managing Director), Henry Simpson (Commercial Director), James Collier (Finance Director), Henrik Pedersen (Business Development Director), Keith Potts (Compliance Director), Andrew Clarke (Operations Director)
Products JBAR, Sockit, Soakbag, Ethanol Coalescing Filter, Tank Technic Linings, ContraCorrosion, BoxSep, Flexibund, EquiSeal
Services Compliance & Asset Resilience, Tank Services, Spill Response, Waste Management, Fuel & Forecourt Services, Pollution prevention, 24/7 Emergency Response (Oil, Chemical, flood, fuel spills and oxygen depletion), Protective Coatings & Linings, Tankering, Contaminated Land Investigation & Remediation, Spill Training, Consultative Services, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Site Decommissioning, Flood services, PPM and testing
Number of employees
500+ (2017)[1]
Subsidiaries E&S Environmental, WES (Hazardous electrical services)

Adler & Allan Group is a national oil industry and environmental service to British industry. Its six main services include spill response, Fuel services, industrial water jetting and cleansing, fuel and tank installation, waste management and separator and interceptor services.

Adler and Allan started out principally as a coal and coke distributor. With the decline in the use of coal and coke, they decided to enter into the fuel distribution business.


In 1926 Adler and Allan begin trading as coal and coke merchants in London. In 1967 Company diversifies into oil tank cleaning and a few years later Oil distribution begins. The Adler and Allan operations moved to the current Stratford, London depot which also dealt with Tank and vessel fabrication.

In 1993 Mark Calvert (Managing Director) joined the company who was then joined by Henry Simpson (Commercial Director) in 1998. A year later David Whiskerd (Operations Director) and Peter Harcourt (Development Director) joined and started fuel distribution operation in the West Midlands.

At the start of 2000, Adler & Allan acquired Environment Management Ltd. At this stage there were now oil spill response bases in Hartlebury, Stansted and Exeter; training facility in Stockton and pollution control manufacturing business in Birkenhead.

As an establishment, Adler & Allan Northern joint ventured with AMW Contractors providing spill response and industrial services in the North of England and in 2002 acquired the tank cleaning division of Shanks at Rainham, Essex. A Tank Clean Group was acquired at Manchester including Pressure Clean and Kaytencourt (painting and decorating).

2003 was the year when Industrial Water Jetting Systems Ltd was bought, with bases in Bury St Edmunds, Lincoln, Grimsby and Maidstone; acquisition includes Branchand Tank Services and Aquaducks (domestic drainage). To complement this CW Tanker at Thetford was bought and additional IWJS bases were opened at Corby, Colchester and Guildford.

The Adler & Allan Group restructured into two limited companies, Adler and Allan and IWJS, with all other companies changed into operating divisions.

2004 Rainham depot were granted a licence as a Special Waste Transfer Station and Branchand Tank Services became a division of Adler and Allan group.

In 2006 Adler and Allan were appointed principal contractor for the cleanup of the Buncefield oil terminal following the catastrophic fire that destroyed 20 tanks.

Mark Calvert is the Managing Director of the group. Environmental Services remains as the company's main speciality.

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