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Adolf Freiherr von Pfretzschner (August 15, 1820 in Würzburg - April 27, 1901 in Munich) was a Bavarian politician.

Pfretzschner studied law in Munich and was subsequently employed at the administrations of Upper Bavaria and Middle Franconia. In 1849, he joined the Bavarian ministry of Finance. In 1865, he was appointed Bavarian Minister of State for Commerce and Public Works, in 1866 in addition also for Finance. In 1872 followed his appointment for Minister of State of the Royal House and Foreign Affairs and President of the Council of Ministers by King Ludwig II. In 1873, he was created a lifelong member of the Upper House of the Bavarian parliament. In 1880, Bismarck enforced Pfretzschner's resignation as Pfretzschner was seen as a modest liberal. The day following his resignation, he was elevated to barons' rank.

The signature of Adolph von Pfretzschner.

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Preceded by
Baron Friedrich von Hegnenberg-Dux
Prime Minister of Bavaria
1872 – 1880
Succeeded by
Johann von Lutz