Adult Digital Distraction

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Adult Digital Distraction
Adult Digital Distraction logo (2009-present)
Network G4 Canada
Launched June 9, 2009 [1] (first launch), April 2012 (second launch)
Closed Late 2011 (first launch), November 2012 (second launch)
Country of origin  Canada
Format Adult
Mature comedies
Running time Weeknights at 8.00pm ET / 11.00pm ET / 2.00am ET
Official website Adult Digital Distraction

Adult Digital Distraction (ADd) is a block airing on G4 Canada. Similar to Adult Swim and Teletoon at Night, Adult Digital Distraction airs mature comedies. It parallels the American counterpart's Midnight Spank block. Its programming consist of Adult Swim shows (some previously aired on Teletoon at Night), syndicated sitcoms and G4 original series. In late 2011, the block had been discontinued due to pressure from the CRTC. However, in Early 2012, the Adult Digital Distraction block had been relaunched.

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