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Industry Television, Telecommunications, Pay-TV, Broadband
Founder Andrew Rybicki, Janusz C. Szajna, Krzysztof Kolbuszewski, Mariusz Walkowiak
Key people
Andrew Rybicki, charmain
Products Set-top boxes
Digital Video Recorders
Interactive television
Compact Television head-ends
Residential Gateways,
Home Networking,
TR-069 Remote Management,
Home Automations
Number of employees

ADB is a company which provides and integrates software, system and service solutions to service providers and Pay-TV operator delivering connected services for connected lives. ADB offers services for connected homes and connected lives – touching on all aspects of enterprise and consumer solutions. This unique Triple-S combination of broadcast and broadband expertise drives convergence towards a multi-service approach that covers networking, video, hybrid and managed platforms on associated devices.

ADB's global headquarters are located in Pregny-Chambésy, Switzerland; they have research and development facilities in Poland and in Italy and an Operations division in Taipei, Taiwan. ADB has a local representation in several countries in Europe, the United States, Latin Americas and Asia.

Founded in 1995, ADB initially focused on developing and marketing software for digital TV processors and expanded its business to the design and manufacture of digital TV equipment in 1997. The company sold its first set-top box in 1997 and since then has been delivering a number of set-top boxes, and Gateway devices, together with advanced software platforms.[1] ADB has sold over 50 million devices worldwide[2] to cable, satellite, IPTV and broadband operators including A1 Telekom Austria, Canal Digital, NC+, Swisscom, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Telenet, and Vodafone.

ADB employs over 700 people, of which 70% are in engineering functions.[3] ADB has had close technical research links with a number of universities and polytechnics including Warsaw University,[4] University of Zielona Góra, Poznań University of Technology and Wroclaw University of Technology.


In 1995, ADB was founded by Andrew Rybicki with an initial focus on developing and marketing software for advanced digital TV processors.

In 1997, the business was expanded into the design and manufacture of digital TV equipment. ADB designed its first commercial set-to box, and established its dedicated R&D facility in Poland and corporate headquarters in Taiwan.

Between 1998 and 2000 offices were opened in Australia, and Spain, and ADB sold its one millionth set-top box.

In 2001, ADB announced the development of an open standard set-top box middleware solution based on the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) specification and established its worldwide headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The company sold its two millionth set-top box.

In 2002, the company opened its Americas headquarters in Chicago (since moved to Denver). ADB was invited to supply digital TV technology for Poland's first MHP broadcast trial[5] and became the world's first set-top box provider to launch an MHP digital receiver, the i-CAN 3000, in Finland.[6]

In 2003, ADB delivered set-top boxes for the launch of digital terrestrial TV services in Italy,[7] announced the world's first hybrid MHP Internet set-top box with terrestrial reception[8] and became the first company to supply the television industry with MHP-compliant set-top boxes.[9] The company received a German-Polish Innovation award and a Cable & Satellite International Product of the Year award for its i-CAN 3000 set-top box.[10]

In 2004, ADB deployed its i-CAN 2000T digital TV set-top box in the Italian market[11][12] and won two Cable and Satellite International Product of the Year awards for the ADB 3100TW hybrid IPTV/DVB-T set-top box.[13]

In 2005, ADB Group was floated on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SWX) [14] and ADB secured its first major IPTV contract to supply set-top boxes to Telefónica in Spain.[15] The company unveiled its first single-chip MPEG-4 AVC based set-top box, the ADB-7800TW.

In 2006 ADB introduced European-based manufacturing and shipped its eight millionth set-top box.[14] The company secured its first contract in Germany for the supply of digital IPTV set-top boxes to Hansenet.[16] ADB partnered with UK broadcasters the BBC, Channel 4, Five and ITV in the first HDTV field trial on the UK's digital terrestrial network.[17] ADB participated in a pilot with Italian broadcaster RAI for the world's first HDTV transmission using MPEG-4 AVC video compression during coverage of the Winter Olympics from Turin, Italy.[18][19]

In 2007, ADB was selected by YES, a satellite TV provider in Israel, to supply set-top boxes for the launch of HDTV services.[20] Set-top boxes were supplied to Telefónica Chile for the launch of IPTV services[21][22] and to Multimedia Polska for the introduction of HDTV on digital cable.[23] The Company also signed a distribution agreement with Border States Electric Supply headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota for the supply of IPTV set-top boxes to Independent Operating Companies in the United States.[24][25]

In 2008, ADB deployed its 12 millionth set-top box[14] and introduced tru2way certified set-top boxes for the interactive cable TV market.[26] ADB announced new deals for the supply of set-top boxes to HelloHD in Hungary,[27][28][29] the expansion of its distribution network in North America through a partnership with Graybar,[30] the supply of IPTV set-top boxes to Telekom Austria,[31][32] and the introduction of high-definition Digital Video Recorders at Télégèneve – naxoo.[33] The company partnered with Grundig to enable the launch of the first Norwegian Push Video on Demand (P-VOD) offering by RIKSTV.[34][35][36] During 2008 ADB won the Cable & Satellite International Product of the Year Award for Best Customer Premises Technology[3] and won a second IPTV World Series Award for Best IPTV Customer Premises Equipment technology.[3][37]

In 2009, ADB completed 1.5 million IPTV set-top box deployments[3] and announced set-top box deals with TFN Media [38] in Taiwan and Altibox in Norway and Denmark.[39] At the 2009 TV Innovation Awards, ADB was named ‘TV Innovator of the Year’ and received the award for best set-top box technology for its ADB-4820C set-back box.[40] The company demonstrated DivX compressed video and Internet applications including YouTube and Facebook on television using a set-top box.[41]

In late 2010, ADB Group acquired Pirelli Broadband Solutions,[42] and thus secured a foothold in all content delivery channels. In 2010 ADB was selected as a solution supplier by Canal Digital, First Media[43] and Slovak Telekom.[44] In 2010 ADB collected two awards for its three-way hybrid platform ADB-5720SX: Best Interactive TV Service/Application[45] at the IPTV World Series Awards 2010[46] and Best Customer Premises Technology at the Cable & Satellite International Product of the Year Awards 2010. The ADB Carbo™ high definition user interface won in the category Best Interactive TV Technology or Application at Product of the Year Awards. ADB’s satellite receiver collected the top prize in the category of Best Platform Receiver or CA/CF Tuner.[47]

In 2011, the ADB solution Multi-room launched by Polish satellite operator won the competition organized by Satkrak magazine in the category Best Product of the Year.[48] In this year the ADB-2850ST[49] hybrid digital set-top box, pre-integrated with its award-winning Carbo™[50] user interface was delivered to Business Telecom Kft (Btel). TEO LT, the largest provider of integrated telecommunication, IT and TV services in Lithuania, launched a new product in the ADB portfolio - Epicentro® Software Platform.

In 2012, ADB won new customers: Belgian cable pay-TV operator VOO and telecommunications operator Tattelekom in Russia. This second operator introduced the Epicentro® Software Platform - winner[51] of the Broadband World Forum Infovision Award 2012 in Broadband Home category. In this year ADB expanded its presence in North America[52] by signing a distribution contract with Adams Cable Equipment (ACE)[53] of Lenexa, Kansas to supply the ADB - P.DGA4001N WiFi ADSL2+gateway.

In 2013, ADB introduced innovative Cloud-based ADB Test Tool and GPON ONT socket, expanded its portfolio of gateway solutions[54] for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) with the launch of SB6450 and CloudHDS[55] a new, cloud-based, multi-screen system. Three new deployments took place: Canal Digital Kabel introduced 8-tuner wideband[56] hybrid cable dvr, nc+ platform launched ADB Multi-screen software suite[57] with the new platform Mediabox and IMTV has selected ADB's[58] software and services to support BIGTV, a premium direct-to-home (DTH) satellite service. ADB products were awarded winners in two prestigious competitions - CSI award[59] – "Best Satellite Contribution/Distribution/Transmission solution at IBC2013" for ADB Mediabox Platform[60] and SatKurier Magazine Award "The best dedicated Pay-TV STB" for ADB Mediabox and the ADB Multi-Screen with "Innovation of the Year" title.

In 2014, ADB is the first company to market MPEG-DASH[61] (streaming standard) implementation. It is also a start of a successful the first user experience Graphyne™[62] which treats all media types equally and its family of products with GraphyneOTT[63] and GraphyneTV-Light.[64] New Triple-S strategy (Software, Systems & Services) marks an important change in company’s policy of development emphasizing software solutions over hardware. During the year a 50 millionth device[2] is sold and a number of implementations follow: next generation broadband services for 013 Netvision in Israel,[65] new platform for nc+ in Poland,[66] multi-screen deployment for Canal Digital Kabel in Norway,[67] software and services for 02 in Czech Republic,[68] CVS - first solutions for healthcare industry[69] - Time Warner Cable Business Class the USA, Ukraine's Volia taps[70] ADB for OTT and Hybrid OTT/Cable products and finally new triple-play service and broadband solutions for Cyta Hellas[71] in Greece and Cyprus. In 2014 ADB launched three new products during the international fair in Amsterdam IBC: S2C – Sky to Cable,[72] Smart Home Suit (SHS) and Solutions for Small and Medium Business (SMB). Meanwhile, GraphyneTV has been shortlisted at CSI Award for "Best content on demand" and ADB's Wideband Tuner for the ungrammatically-named "Best customer premise [sic] technology" award.


ADB is a volume supplier of High-definition television (HDTV) set-top boxes and residential gateway devices to cable, satellite, IP, terrestrial television operators, and broadband service providers. According to ADB press releases, it has sold more than 50 million consumer premises devices worldwide.[2]

The company's solutions portfolio includes pay-TV set-top devices with the award-winning Carbo user interface; software for advanced pay-TV services, such as video on demand, multi-room video recording, interactive TV and internet applications; ready-to-deploy pay-TV solutions, including consumer devices, middleware, applications, services and scalable head ends; broadband access gateways and home networking devices; remote management software; and life-cycle and integration services.

ADB designs and manufactures over 30 models of set-top box for digital TV service providers in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. These products are designed for multiple purposes and include Standard-definition devices (e.g. ADB-2500W), High-definition devices (e.g. ADB-3810C), Digital Video Recorder (e.g. ADB-5810SX advanced high definition DVR), Digital Video Recorder with push VOD and home networking (e.g. ADB-5720CDX HD DVR), and set-top box with Internet/TV convergence (e.g. ADB-3810TW) .[20][21][31][38][73]

The majority of ADB set-top boxes can be used to receive television services from different types of transmission networks simultaneously.[74] Set-top boxes with this capability are known in the television industry as hybrid set-top boxes.[75]

Set-top-box models support the specific physical reception and return-channel messaging requirements of the television transmission infrastructure where they will be deployed, such as cable, satellite, IPTV or digital terrestrial TV. Cable set-top boxes include a choice of return path such as V.92 modem for low-level two-way interactivity or, for high-speed two-way communications, an Ethernet interface or fully integrated DOCSIS modem. Set-top boxes designed for U.S. cable operators are CableLabs certified.[76][77] A selection of ADB's set-top boxes include home networking capabilities using DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)[78] and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) standards.[79]


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