Advantage Hart

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Advantage Hart
Directed by Jeff Seibenick
Produced by Michael Hobert
Sam Jaeger
Written by Michael Hobert
Sam Jaeger
Starring Shad Hart
Sam Jaeger
Sam Lloyd
Kate Bosworth
Amber Mellott
Music by Nathan Lanier
Cinematography Terrence Hayes
Edited by Zene Baker
Jeff Seibenick
Release date
19 October 2003
Running time
34 minutes
Country USA
Language English

Advantage Hart is a 2003 American short film directed by Jeff Seibenick.

Plot summary[edit]

When tennis player Shad Hart goes to enter the Mayflower tournament to face his nemesis Colt Skyler, he learns that Skyler's father raised the entry fee to $500. With the help of friend Blaze and sister Chrystal he raises the money, but then the money is stolen.



The film contains songs by Drive, She Said. Some are:

  • "Don't You Know" from the 1989 album Drive, She Said
  • "Look at What You Got" from the 1998 compilation album Road To Paradise
  • "Drivin' Wheel" from the 1991 album Drivin' Wheel
  • "If This Is Love" from the 1989 album Drive, She Said

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