Adventure Story (1961 TV play)

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Adventure Story
Genre Historical Drama
Created by Terence Rattigan
Starring Sean Connery
William Russell
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English

Produced by Rudolph Cartier

Production Design by Clifford Hatts
Original network BBC1
Original release 12 June 1961 (1961-06-12)

Adventure Story is a British television play, based on the stage play by Terence Rattigan, and tells the story of Alexander the Great and his conquest of Persia.[1] It featured Sean Connery in his first starring role[2] and was praised at the time for its acting.[3]


Critical reception[edit]

A contemporary critic in The Times wrote of Connery's performance, "certain inflexions and swift deliberations of gesture at times made one feel that the part had found the young Olivier it needs," and wrote that Rudolph Cartier’s production, "had the freedom of spaciousness to which this producer has accustomed us, and all the acting was on a big scale, to match Mr Clifford Hatch’s settings."[1] and more recently, reviewing it on DVD, Screenplaystv wrote, "the first half and more of the drama plays like a slightly ludicrous historical pageant, and only towards the end does it begin to explore something more ambitious and ambivalent...Sean Connery is most definitely the reason to watch it now,...there is a lavish quality to the staging (which even stretches to three real horses at one point), and the sumptuous costumes are shown to advantage in the fine print on the DVD."[1]


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