Aero Boero AB-180

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Role Civil utility aircraft
Manufacturer Aero Boero
First flight 1967
Introduction 1969
Produced 1969–2000
Variants Aero Boero AB-150

The Aero Boero AB-180 is an Argentine civil utility aircraft, a substantially improved development of the AB-95. It featured a more powerful engine and incorporated the aerodynamic changes made on the AB-115 and improved on them. The first example flew in 1967 and was in production until 2000.


  • AB-180RV – long-range version
  • AB-180RVR – glider tug
  • AB-180 Condor – high-altitude version of 1971 with optional turbocharger (4 built)
  • AB-180Agagricultural aircraft with 270 l (66 US gal) belly tank for chemicals
    • AB-180SP – 180Ag with an additional set of short wings to make a sesquiplane. In this variant, the agricultural application liquid is carried within the short wings, rather than in a belly tank. The added wings allow a fully loaded stall speed of 56 km/hr (35 mph), compared to 89 km/hr (55 mph) in the AB-180Ag.[1]
  • AB-180PSA – two-seat primary training aircraft



Specifications (AB-180RVR)[edit]

Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1993–94 [2]

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