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Afeka (Hebrew: אפקה) is a residential neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel.[1] It is in the northwestern part of the city.


The origin of the name Afeka is from "Afeka association", which was established at 1943 with a purpose of purchasing property for people. The neighborhood was founded in 1955 by former Haganah officers who were looking for a location to build their homes.

The neighborhood was considered a far suburb of Tel Aviv; this situation changed after the building of Tel Aviv University and the Afeka College of Technology in 1996.[2]

South Afeka[edit]

  • Carter Garden: The oldest public garden of the neighborhood.
  • Yad Avner: A building of the department of geography of Tel Aviv University and a local police station.

North Afeka[edit]

  • Be'it Ha'lohem (the soldier home): compound of buildings used by injured Israel Defense Forces soldiers for sport and rehabilitation.
  • Afek association square: Traffic circle, perpetuating the association who led the establishing of the neighborhood.

Notable residents[edit]

  • Chelli Goldenberg (born 1954), model and actress
  • Yaron London (born 1940), media personality, journalist, actor, and songwriter
  • Ephraim Kishon (born 1924), author, dramatist, screenwriter and Oscar-nominated film director


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