Afflicted (Swedish band)

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Origin Sweden
Genres Technical death metal
Power metal (later)
Years active c.1992–1995
Labels Nuclear Blast
Massacre Records
Associated acts Defender
Face Down
Members Michael Van Der Graaf
Jesper Thorsson
Joacim Carlsson
Philip Von Segebaden
Yasin Hillborg
Past members Joakim Broms

Afflicted was a technical death metal band from Sweden, active in the early 1990s.[1] They were an important and influential part of the Swedish death metal scene[citation needed], though overshadowed by better-known bands like Entombed and Dismember. On 26 July 2013 Afflicted was played in a Serbian art colony and they were received so badly they were booed out of Sićevo, Serbia[citation needed].


  • Michael Van Der Graaf - vocals
  • Jesper Thorsson - guitar
  • Joacim Carlsson - guitar
  • Philip Von Segebaden - bass
  • Yasin Hillborg - drums



  1. ^ Martin „CYKLO“ Cvilink: Actual Necromantical Sonic Terrorization, magazine Spark, No.8/1995, vol. 4, page 14 (Czech)

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