Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Visual Effects

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The Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Visual Effects is an annual merit by the Africa Film Academy to reward movies with the best visual effects for the year. It was introduced in 2005 as Best Special effects, and has been known as Best Visual Effects since the second edition till date except the 4th edition when it was simply called Best Effects.[1]

Best Visual Effects
Year Film Recipient Result
2005 Eye of the Gods Won
Egg of Life Nominated
Dangerous Twins Nominated
2006 Rising Moon Won
Behind Closed Doors Nominated
Secret Adventure Nominated
My Mother's Heart Nominated
2007 Snake Girl Won
Explosion Nominated
The Amazing Grace Nominated
2008 Across the Niger Won
New Jerusalem Nominated
Iranse Aje Nominated
Ipa Nominated
Bleeding Rose Nominated
2009 Battle of the Souls Won
Five Apostles Nominated
Smoke and Mirrors Nominated
Agony of the Christ Nominated
Revolution Nominated
2010 The Figurine Won
The Child Nominated
A Sting in a Tale Nominated
Fulani Nominated
Heart of Men Nominated
2011 A Small Town Called Descent Won
Aramotu Nominated
Nani Nominated
Who Owns da City Nominated
Inale Nominated
2012 Adesuwa Won
Behind The Mask Nominated
Somewhere in Africa Nominated
State Research Bureau Nominated
Otelo Burning Nominated
2013 The Twin Sword Won
Okoro The Prince Nominated
Elelwani Nominated
Last Flight to Abuja Nominated
Uhlanga The Mark Nominated
Awakening Nominated
2014 A Mile from Home Won
Omo Elemosho Nominated
Secret Room Nominated
Ni Sisi Nominated
Of Good Report Nominated
2015 Inumber Number – South Africa Won
Kpians – Nigeria Nominated
Run – Cote D’voire Nominated
invasion 1897 – Nigeria Nominated
Triangle Going To America – Ethiopia Nominated
2016 Oshimiri - Nigeria [[Onaji Stephen Onche [2] ]][citation needed] Won
Hear me move Nominated
Stupid Movie Nominated
House arrest Nominated
A Soldier's Story Nominated


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