African Independence

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African Independence
Produced by Tukufu Zuberi
Narrated by Tukufu Zuberi
Release date
  • 2013 (2013)

African Independence (2013) is a feature-length documentary film. This is the first film from producer Tukufu Zuberi. African Independence premiered at the San Diego Black Film Festival in January 2013.

African Independence tells the story of some of the most important events to happen on the African continent since the slave trade and colonization by the Europeans. The film focuses on the African Independence Movements and the problems confronted by these movements to win independence. The film tells the story through interviews with independence activists and leaders who helped achieve independence for the African people. By focusing on four watershed events-World War Two, the end of colonialism, the Cold War, and the era of African Republics, African Independence tells the story of African history, past and present. Tukufu Zuberi is also the host of the film.[1]


African Independence was selected as the Best Documentary Film at the 2013 San Diego Black Film Festival. Tukufu Zuberi also was awarded Best Director for African Independence.[2]

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