After the Watershed (Early Learning the Hard Way)

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"After the Watershed (Early Learning the Hard Way)"
Single by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
from the album Straw Donkey... The Singles
Released 5 October 1991
Format CD, 7" vinyl, 12" vinyl, cassette
Recorded 1990
Genre alternative rock, alternative dance
Length 4:00
Label Chrysalis Records
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine singles chronology
"Sheriff Fatman" "After the Watershed" "The Only Living Boy In New Cross"

"After the Watershed" is a 1991 single by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine. Although never featured on any original album by the band, it is included on several later compilations.

The Rolling Stones took a dim view of the unauthorised use of their material, notably the refrain "Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday" in the song's chorus, and took out an injunction which forced the song from the radio.

The song is memorable as being performed at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party of 1991, when Fruitbat rugby tackled Philip Schofield on live TV after his reference to Carter's instrument-smashing performance lacking originality.[1]


The title of the song refers to the watershed time period, enforced on British television by the ITC (now Ofcom). Adult content cannot be broadcast before the 9pm "watershed", in an attempt to prevent adult content being available to younger audiences.

The "Hard Way" reference was simply put to have two meanings: one was, that it meant "a young boy watching adult films saw something graphical and learnt his lesson to never watch that genre again"; the other meaning was the definition of a young boy watching adult programming with an erection, or in Carter USM's meaning, a hard on.


The song samples lyrics from the song Ruby Tuesday through the lyrics "goodbye Ruby Tuesday, come home you silly cow", it also uses the bass riff from Satisfaction. Following legal action by The Rolling Stones, the track is now credited to Morrison, Carter, Richards and Jagger.


The song also pays tribute to the well-known author David Icke, by stating "David Icke said, he'd like to show us how, to love us back to life again now".

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  1. "After the Watershed (Early Learning the Hard Way)"

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