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Agata Gotova was born on October 14th, 1971, in Moscow, Russia. She begins her career in the former Soviet Union at an early age. She performs as an extra in a show entitled “Budilnik,” (1987) – very similar to “The Mickey Mouse Club.” She continues her career touring through Europe with the renowned children’s ensemble dance troupe “Kalinka,” In 1989, Agata appears on the poster for the film entitled “Kalinka.”

She continues her acting career on stage as an understudy in the play “Political Cabaret” (by satirist Mikhail Jevanetsky) in the renowned “Moscow Theatre of Satire. Then, unexpectedly, Agata decides to leave her acting career and moves to Paris, in order to study at the Sorbonne University. She completes her studies in Paris and makes yet another bold move – this time to California on a fiancé visa. In Los Angeles, Agata returns to acting. Her husband creates two original Television Celebrity shows for her: "Faces and Names” and “Autograph.”

After a series of extra roles in big Hollywood films, Agata lands the lead in the film produced by her husband entitled Say It In Russian She wins the Best Actress Award at the Honolulu International Film Festival. After 14 years in California, Agata returns to Europe. She currently resides in Beausoleil, France, next to the charming Principality of Monaco, where she worked as a broadcaster of a live show on Chik Radio in Monte Carlo. While at Chik, sHe conducted interviews with notable celebrities throughout the year, as well as during the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2013, she participates in organizing a large scale international event – Mateo Mornar’s exhibition during the first official visit of Prince Albert of Monaco to Moscow.

In 2015, she organizes the joint performances of the Bolshoi Ballets and the Mariinsky Opera in Monaco.

Agata continues to produce events throughout Europe and Russia and is presently working as one of the producers of a Ray Bradbury film project entitled “Dandelion Wine.” Headed by renowned director, writer, and actor Rodion Nahapetov.


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