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Agathidium mandibulare.jpg
Agathidium mandibulare
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Leiodidae
Subfamily: Leiodinae
Genus: Agathidium
Panzer, 1797
over 100 species
Agathidium varians

Agathidium is a genus of beetles in the family Leiodidae.

A. bushi, A. cheneyi and A. rumsfeldi are species of this genus named after George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld respectively, by two former Cornell entomologists, Kelly B. Miller (now at University of New Mexico[1]) and Quentin D. Wheeler. According to Miller and Wheeler, the naming of the beetles (which were three of 65 species to be named) was done in homage to the political figures.[2] The same authors named A. vaderi after the fictional Darth Vader.

Some species can roll themselves up into an almost complete sphere, similar to pillbugs. Some males have horns on their left mandibles to dislodge rival males.[3]

Selected species[edit]

  • Agathidium arcticum Thomson, 1862
  • Agathidium atrum (Paykull, 1798)
  • Agathidium badium Erichson, 1845
  • Agathidium bushi Miller et Wheeler, 2005
  • Agathidium cheneyi Miller et Wheeler, 2005
  • Agathidium confusum Brisout de Barneville, 1863
  • Agathidium convexum Sharp, 1866
  • Agathidium discoideum Erichson, 1845
  • Agathidium gutianense Angelini et Cooter, 1999
  • Agathidium haemorrhoum Erichson, 1845
  • Agathidium laevigatum Erichson, 1845
  • Agathidium mandibulare Sturm, 1807
  • Agathidium marginatum Sturm, 1807
  • Agathidium nigrinum Sturm, 1807
  • Agathidium nigripenne (Fabricius, 1792)
  • Agathidium pallidum (Gyllenhal, 1827)
  • Agathidium pisanum Brisout de Barneville, 1872
  • Agathidium plagiatum (Gyllenhal, 1810)
  • Agathidium pulchellum Wankowicz, 1869
  • Agathidium rotundatum (Gyllenhal, 1827)
  • Agathidium rumsfeldi Miller et Wheeler, 2005
  • Agathidium seminulum (Linnaeus, 1758)
  • Agathidium vaderi Miller et Wheeler, 2005
  • Agathidium varians Beck, 1817




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