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Tegenaria duellica, Agelenidae

The Agelenoidea or agelenoids are a superfamily or informal group of entelegyne araneomorph spiders. Phylogenetic studies since 2000 have not consistently recovered such a group.


In 1999, a phylogenetic study found a clade called "agelenoids" consisting of members of the families Agelenidae, Amphinectidae and Desidae.[1] A 2005 study did not confirm this grouping, instead placing these three families plus Dictynidae in a clade called the "fused cribellar clade".[2] The Desidae have also been placed in the Dictynoidea.[3] In 2014, a cladogram produced in a study of dionychan spiders placed members of the families Amaurobiidae and Cycloctenidae in a clade with members of Agelenidae, Amphinectidae and Desidae, as sister to the rest of the large RTA Clade. (Amaurobiidae, represented by the genera Pimus and Macrobunus, was not monophyletic in this study.) Shading marks families once considered agelenoids.[4]

RTA clade

Amaurobiidae (Pimus)

Stiphidiidae (Stiphidion)

Agelenidae (Neoramia)

Amaurobiidae (Macrobunus)

Cycloctenidae (Toxopsiella, Cycloctenus)

Desidae (Badumna)

Amphinectidae (Calacadia, Metaltella)

"Oval Calamistrum Clade"

The status of the agelenoids thus remains uncertain as of October 2015.


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