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Aghahoorin (from Irish Achadh Fhuarain, meaning 'field of the spring well') is a townland in the area of Boho, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.[1]

As far back as 1659 (Census of Ireland) this townland was known as Agharrin; later on it was known as Achadh Guirthin or Achadh Urthin "field of the suret" (1833).[1] This townland is known for a fort on a hill and the remains of a sandstone quarry which was used to supply headstones for the local graveyards.[2] The townland contains karst features which include the shake hole known as Pollkeeran and a rattle hole known as Murphy's Hole.[2] as well as a Scheduled Historic Monument: a Bivallate rath, grid ref: H1185 4573.[3]


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