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Norwegian columnist, journalist and novelist Agnes Ravatn

Agnes Ravatn (born 8 February 1983, in Ølen) is a Norwegian novelist, columnist and journalist.

She debuted in 2007 with the novel Veke 53 ('Week 53'). Ravatn is a columnist and journalist for Nynorsk newspaper Dag og Tid. A series of essays for the publication were released in 2009 as Stillstand ('Standstill'). In 2011 came her second books of essays, "Folkelesnad", on Norwegian magazines.[1]

In 2013 she published the highly acclaimed novel "Fugletribunalet" ("The Bird Tribunal"), which has been released in eleven countries, including Great Britain, Germany and France.[2] The novel has been adapted for theatre, and played for over two years at Det norske teatret. It is currently being made into a film.[3] The English translation, by Rosie Hedger, was the first translated novel to be part of the «Fresh Talent»-program of booksellers WHSmith, and is nominated for the International Dublin Literary Award for 2018.[4]

After moving to Valevåg in Sunnhordland, western Norway, Ravatn wrote the autobiographical "Verda er ein skandale" ("The World Is a Scandal") in 2017. The book is both a depiction of her family moving to a small, derelict farm in the countryside, and an interview with neighbour and fellow author Einar Økland. The chapters of the book were originally published as articles in Dag og Tid


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