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Agnes of Zator (Polish: Agnieszka Zatorska; b. bef. 1490 – d. aft. 1505) was a Polish princess and a member of the Zator branch of the House of Piast. She was the sovereign Duchess of Wadowice during 1494–1503.

She was the only child of Duke Władysław of Zator by his wife Anna.


After her father's death in 1494, Agnes inherited Wadowice according to his will, although officially her uncle Jan V assumed the full government over all the Duchy of Zator, which was reunified under his rule.

Agnes received Wadowice only as an earthly possession without the Ducal power; however, in practice she was called "Sovereign Duchess of Wadowice".

After nine years of rule, in 1503 King Alexander of Poland granted Wadowice to Piotr Myszkowski of Mirów. Agnes fought for her heritage, but the following year (1504) the King confirmed the possession of Wadowice to Piotr.[1]

Agnes married before 1504 to Jan Kobierzycki, Count of Tworkow and Kobierzyn.[2][3] They had one son.


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